About Us

Toil Safe PPE was established in February 2009. The core competencies of our company revolve around the protection of people who work with harmful contaminants.

Offerings that Understand the Needs of Our Clients

Protective equipment gear and industrial protective gear of the highest quality are our fortѐ; based on a deep understanding of the risks involved with working in hazardous or dangerous environments.

Value for the Success of Your Industry

Our understanding of these products, and more importantly, the applications in which they are used, is key to our success in this industry sector. You will find our products well represented in emergency response teams as well as a range of specialised industries that have to meet the challenges of some of the harshest working environments out there.

Contact Toil-Safe PPE for Details

For further details about our offers on protective equipment be sure to get into contact with a representative from Toil-Safe PPE today, or browse through our products page for an in-depth look at the products we offer.

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